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Weekly Roundup……Take a secret letter Obama, address it to Moscow …send no copies to our allies …start a new strife

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or I hope the Russians/North Koreans/Iranians love their children too ??

Nearly 25 years after Stings classic 1985 nuclear holocaust lament , comes word of President Obama’s ill fated diplomatic attempt with our old friends the Russians, via “secret letter”. It says here that Mr. Obama low balled the offer to Russians, effectivly selling out our Eastern European allies, to placate Russia & Iran. Throw in the North Koreans testing a missile that could reach mainland Los Angelas, and you have a new meaning to the old Sting classic. ……

There is no historical precedent
To put words in a letter from the president
There’s no such thing as a diplomatic backdoor
It’s a lie we don’t believe anymore
Mr. Obama says we will protect you
I don’t subscribe to this point of view
Believe me when I say to you
I hope the Russians/North Koreans/Iranians  love their children too

Clinton: Diplomacy with Iran unlikely to work, but nation’s refusal to cooperate might strengthen U.S. position with allies