Internet & Business Homework

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  1. Look at Visitors:
    1. How many visits did the site receive in this period? 557 visits in November
    2. Of the cities from which people visited the site, which one is furthest from SUNY Purchase? .. i could not find a reference regarding milage , but Aukland or Newcastle are pretty far.
    3. Which browser was least used by site visitors in this period? Netfont
  2. Look at Traffic Sources. Which keywords accounted for the most visits in this period? Internet and business wiki
  3. Look at Content. Which page on the site was most visited in this period?….outline and learning.. How many visits did it receive? 752
  4. Look at Goals. Note that I set up the goal to be a visit to the Assignments page. I also assigned a value of $10 to the goal.
    1. What was the average conversion rate over this period? 11.50%
    2. Click on Goal Value. If I received $10 for every person who visited the Assignments page in November 2009, how much would I have made?  $1,450.00
    3. Click on Funnel Visualization. 10%
    4. Create a new blog entry entitled Internet and Business Online Marketing Homework (or something similar) and enter the answers to the question on the blog.
  5. Create a link to your blog next to your name on the Student page of the class wiki.
  • David’s Bathroom Renovation Store is a store in Greenwich, CT 06830 that sells tiles, mirrors, faucets, tubs, bidets and everything else people need to renovate their bathrooms. You have been hired by David to advise him on internet marketing. Investigate the following as a prelude to making an initial presentation to your client:
    1. Find a business web site from a different industry to David’s that you believe is effective. Write down three or four bullet points explaining why you think that site is effective and the principles that David could apply to his own web site. Put a link to that site next to your name on the student page of the class wiki.
    2. Find a display ad for the kinds of products David sells. What site is that display ad on? (provide a clickable link as your answer) Display add link ….

    I found Lowes to be an effective web page model for Dave’s business for the following reasons:

    • Ability to shop on line
    • Shop by room
    • Shop for specific items , by faeture or brand
    • On line educational manulas “How to’s”
    1. Find a blog or forum or online user community related to David’s business. How might David participate in that blog or forum or community in a way that helps his business? Bathroom and home renovation Blog . Dave could post articles and advertise here.
    2. Write down some search terms that customers might use when looking for the kinds of products David sells. Type them into a search engine and see which sites are listed highest (do not include sponsored search results). Put links to the top three sites in your answer.
    3. … Bathroom renovation
    4. …Bathroom design
    5. Bathroom layout
    6. Why do you think they were listed highest? Because they generated the most revenue for Google
    7. Search advertising:
      1. Use the Google keyword tool to find the relevant keywords that are searched most frequently. What are they? …Bathroom renovation 40500 ….bathroom home improvement….450000…bathroom vanities…450000 
      2. How many times do Google users search for these terms in an average month? See above
      3. Use the Google Traffic Estimator to estimate the cost per day of advertising using your proposed keywords. What is that cost? (copy and paste your results into the body of your blog)
      4.…. bathroom home improvement 450,000 ($180-300)
      5.….            bathroom remodeling 201,000 ($100-170)
    8. If 1% of people who click on his ad made a purchase, what is David’s customer acquisition cost from search advertising? bathroom home improvement 450,000 ($180-300) avg $240.00 a day x 30 days @ $7200.00 a month. Avg 80 clicks a day x 30 days = 2400 clicks x 1% conversion rate = 24 sales/$7200(monthly cost) = $300 cac
    9. David’s average sale value is $4000. His gross margin is 50%. Does it make sense for David to do search advertising using the keywords you proposed? 24 sales x $2000 profit per sale = $24000 in sales profit per month generated from $7200.00 in advertising costs, so it makes sense.
    10. Investigate social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. How might David use those sites in his marketing campaign? .. David can use social media to link or connect to his sites as a source of generating increased visits from targeted groups , so he can  have a FB or Twitter site focusing on remodeling or bathroom supplies or design and broaden his appeal and generate more visits from a targeted group pf buyers.
  • Internet & Business Assignment

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